Boat & crew

Find out about Float by Boat’s narrowboat, Spirited Away, and her crew. FbB is unlike any other canal holiday. Not only do we offer a ‘retreaty’ atmosphere and delicious boat-made food, we take the stress out of the experience by crewing the boat. You can help out and learn about boating if you want to, but you don’t have responsibility for getting Spirited Away through the locks or washing up after dinner. We take care of all the chores, leaving you to enjoy your time aboard doing whatever you most feel like doing.

Spirited Away, our boat

At 69ft, Spirited Away is among the longest narrowboats on the UK’s canal network. People are amazed when they walk down it for the first time, it just keeps on going!

  • Cabin 1 has 4 single bunks; each has a curtain to make your own private den, a reading light and space tidy for you to store your phone, glasses, torch, alarm clock, etc… Each bunk also comes with a good sized shelf that accommodates a hold-all, backpacking rucksack or small suitcase.
  • Cabin 2 has a double bed with big curtains for privacy, reading lamps and a shelf for your bits and bobs. It can be fitted with a single bunk above to make the cabin into a twin. There is a “side hatch” onto the canal for great views and a fresh summer breeze.
  • At the bow of the boat Cabin 3 has a double bed, wardrobe, reading lamps and a space tidy for those nick-nacks you like to keep close by at night. A curtain cordons off the cabin from the rest of the boat and two doors open out onto the well-deck where you can enjoy sunrises, misty mornings and a bird’s eye view of our resident moorhen’s nest.

There are 2 loo and shower rooms on board, so there’s never a queue. The water is hot and there’s good pressure too.

Kev, Tor & Taz, your crew

Spirited Away is hosted by its friendly, helpful crew, Tor & Kev.  They love sharing their waterways life with people from far and wide.

Kev Argent

The kind and trusty skipper. If you want to learn how to steer the boat or work a lock, he’ll gladly show you how to do it.  Although he professes to be an introvert, Kev’s warm, patient and joyful nature makes everyone feel at home straight away.

Victoria 'Tor' Johnson

The cook and host inside the boat, who goes out of her way to make everyone comfortable and feeling at ease. One thing’s for sure, she does love feeding people! Tor is friendly, open and likes to lift people’s spirits with a good old chuckle.

Taz the dog

Taz is our super-chilled lurcher and we adopted him in April 2016 at the age of three. Luckily for us, Taz came well-trained and with good manners. He doesn’t like rain or mud (which is also pretty handy) but he does LOVE the ducks.