Float by Boat is for sale

Continue what we’ve started: A unique opportunity

**Spirited Away was sold in April 2017 and is therefore no longer available. However, we’d still love to see the Float by Boat dream kept alive and do sincerely believe in the concept. If you’re interested in the intellectual property or simply share a similar vision and would like to run it past someone who’s tried it, do feel free to contact us**

Four years on from taking the leap and purchasing our beloved narrowboat, Spirited Away, Kev and I have decided that we’ve taken it as far as we can. We’re ready to hand over the reigns to a new Floaty Boaty couple and support them in taking this novel and beautiful venture on to new destinations.

There couldn’t be a better time either. In October 2015 we were featured on Channel 4’s Four in a Bed, a major tea time TV programme, and WON. Speaking to other Four in a Bed participants, the episodes are repeated both here and in other English-speaking countries, which means that the repercussions will carry on flowing for the next couple of years.

for sale

Why be a ‘hotelboater’?

If you love the outdoors and dream of working independently as your own boss, this might be for you. Hotelboating (as it’s known) is very much a lifestyle business. It’s possible to make a comfortable living, though if you’re hoping to be rolling in cash you’re probably barking up the wrong tree. Working seasonally – in our case March to October – there are at least four months of the year when you’re free to roam or do other work. And being based aboard the boat hosting trips means that your living expenses are almost entirely taken care of as part of the business.

What’s included in the sale?

  • First and foremost, Spirited Away; our trusty 69ft cruiser stern narrowboat. Read the specifications for Spirited Away here.
  • The Float by Boat website, email services, social media accounts and our whole portfolio of marketing photos, resources and templates.
  • Plenty of support and a detailed, honest and transparent handover from Kev & I, including our back office operations, systems and documents. We’ll even help run your first break with you, if you like.
  • All of the practical kit needed to run floating retreats, including life jackets, kitchenware and bedding.

Lots of scope for development

The hardest and grittiest part of running your own business is beginning. It gives us pleasure to know that we’re handing this on with the initial push complete. There are good foundations in place and we’ll be happy to share as much of our experience with you as you want to know. That said, the FbB journey is still in its early days and there are many, many things that could help it to grow and develop. Here are a few of the ideas we’ve pondered over the years and never got the time to do to whet your appetite:

  • Focus on the group charters side of the business using targeted marketing to families or particular community groups.
  • Become a CIC or social enterprise by offering specific retreats for impoverished teenagers, people in recovery or those escaping domestic violence. This would enable partnering with various charities and open up the potential of grants and funding.
  • Create a package to offer to corporate organisations, maybe including mindfulness, relaxation, team building and communication workshops.
  • Market to teachers and workshop leaders inviting them to bring groups aboard while you take care of hosting and boating responsibilities.

A fond farewell from us

It’s hard not to get carried away here. This really has been the most eye-opening, heart-warming and magical adventure. It taught us that we can manifest something from nothing, and that when you really go for something it can feel like the whole universe is gathered there behind you. Though we’re hanging up our windlasses, we do so feeling immensely blessed for all of the experiences we’ve encountered, the depths of the lessons we learned and touched by the wonderful beings we’ve had the fortune to travel with. I’m sure there will be tears shed over the coming weeks and months as we begin letting go of FbB, but we’ll never have any regrets about this most incredible experience. Thank you to everyone who’s been involved. Watch this space… I’m dreaming of a Floaty Boaty book.

To chat to us about it, view Spirited Away or go over the numbers, please give us a call on 07806 818973 or email us using the contact form below.