Here’s a beautifully crafted article published in Inspired Times magazine that brings a Float by Boat stay to life.








Meditate on water…

Sunrise meditation, wholesome homemade food and symphonic tunes of nature all harmonise upon Spirited Away, a traditional 69ft narrow boat. Meandering the canals of Stratford and Warwick, tootle along on a Float by Boat tour – – diluting your stresses afloat the gentle tug of the Northern waterways.

All aboard! Captaining the deck, owners Tor and Kev have immersed their ethical and eco-conscious souls, turning unwelcomed office job visions into one outdoors. “In the modern world of highly-stressed jobs, lots of digital stimulation, separation from the natural world and so on, projects such as these are vital to help people make time to relax, rejuvenate and reconnect,” confirms Tor.  Steering Float by Boat from dream to reality, the slow paced essence of the canal trickles through the voyages they have created. Their personal joy of countryside peace is also shared on these ventures.

Melt into the holistic vibes as Tor and Kev lead their daily meditation, and therapeutically connect with the waters beneath. With a combined practice of over 20 years, their candlelit sessions will bathe you in the meditative state that the Mindfulness Breathing and Loving Kindness practice gives. Burrow up with a book, roast by the fire or chinwag with fellow shipmates in the communal living area of Spirited Away. Encompassing two snug cabins, thrifty efforts have been made to make these areas cosy and homely. Wafts of homebrewed vegetarian grub filters through the walls and fuels your bodies for further boat life activity. Wellies on, join Kev on deck to muck in with narrow boat duties, opening locks and steering controls.  Step onto terra firma when moored for an afternoon stroll, admiring the wildlife blossoming on the banks with a mindset to ‘take only photographs, leave only footprints’. Summertime adventures – Mooching Moorhen, Strolling Squirrel, Mallards Mosey – are just a few of the imaginatively named upcoming tours offering spiritual nourishment. Keeping ‘Narrow boats, wide eyes, open minds…’ as your ethos, you can even adapt your own itinerary on a personalised trip!

Currently in its first season, Float by Boat will continue to flourish. Working her green fingers, Tor hopes to create a roof top garden and plans to run conservation breaks in conjunction with wildlife charities. Why not be spirited away this summer?