Through March to November, Float by Boat offer a program of retreats. Whether you’re looking for a break from every day life, a little creative inspiration, a connective yoga experience or a meditation retreat, you’ll find something here. We’re down-to-earth, lighthearted and caring, and completely one of a kind.

Our retreats are perfect for solo visitors, couples or with a friend. Prices are fully inclusive of accommodation, delicious boat-made meals, canal cruising, mindfulness meditation sessions and secure parking if you need it. You won’t need to get your wallet out while you’re with us. If you’re a student, senior or low/unwaged, we offer a 15% discount for concessions.

Day Retreat

Join us for some mindfulness meditation, a narrowboat cruise and wholesome 2 course lunch; this is a perfect away day for those of us with busy lives.

Dates – 2nd April, 16th September

Price – £48pp, overnight option available


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You Time

Allow the peace and pace of the canals to lull you into a state of relax. It’s rare in life to be free of responsibility and duty, so don’t miss out on the opportunity to let us and let go.

Dates – 28th April, 4th Aug, 8th Sept, 20th Oct

Price – £235-£350pp for 2-3 night retreats


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Nature Journaling

Nature journaling is a beautiful practice that helps to really see the natural world, connect, unlock creative potential, relax and reflect on both our inner and outer landscapes.

Dates – 29th September

Price – £235pp for a two night weekend retreat


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Discover Meditation

Why meditate? What are the benefits? What can I do to set up a regular meditation practise? Sow the seeds of a nurturing meditation practice in the tranquil setting of narrowboat life.

Dates – 2nd June

Price – £175pp for 2 nights aboard


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Yoga and the outdoors work perfectly together. There’s nothing like the earth beneath you and wide open skies above to unite your body and mind with the world around us.

Dates – 30th June, 18th August

Price – £275pp for a 2 night weekend retreat


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Deeper Reflections

Bank holiday serenity, practising stillness, simplicity and contentment. Open to experienced meditators from any spiritual or secular tradition.

Dates – 13th April

Price – £295pp for 4 nights aboard


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